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Cathodic Protection and Prevention

Corrosion affects all types of structures and industrial plant costing the community and industry millions of dollars annually. Savcor ART specialise in corrosion control solutions ranging from initial survey and recommendations through to design, supply, installation and final condition report services. Savcor ART has vast experience in the inspection, design and installation of cathodic
protection systems. Our diverse client base includes oil and gas production, oil and gas pipelines, water and power utilities, industrial complexes, shipping, bridges and wharf and jetty structures.

Cathodic protection of buried pipelines and structures involves installing anodes at intervals and depths determined by the cathodic protection design engineer. A different set of design criteria is required for steel structures immersed in seawater or for the protection of land-based above-ground tank internals.

Savcor ART’s design, installation and monitoring personnel have many years of field experience. They can specify the correct methods to mitigate the effects of corrosive environments on all types of structures. Site testing, data gathering and engineering design allows the design team to determine the size and type of anode system (sacrificial or permanent impressed current) and the correct location of anodes.

Cathodic protection of steel in concrete

With many structures approaching or exceeding their initial design life, installation of a cathodic protection system can achieve an additional 25 or more years of structural life. The cost of impressed current cathodic protection is similar to the cost of conventional concrete repair with the added advantage of dramatically increasing structural life.

In a cathodic protection installation only the delaminated concrete is removed and repaired. The structural integrity of the asset remains intact during repairs, allowing for normal inservice

Savcor ART is an industry leader in the field of cathodic protection, having installed numerous cathodic protection systems across Australasia.

If you need to extend the life of buildings, infrastructure and industrial assets utilising specialist corrosion management systems, speak with Savcor ART on +675 472 4158, or email