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Precision Grouting

Grout gives uniform bearing and stability to the structure or equipment and performs essential load transferring service to the foundations. Poor installation or deterioration of grout can lead to long term durability and maintenance problems with the possibility of compromising structural integrity. Savcor ART provides a comprehensive service in the selection and installation of high strength grouts to structural and machine bases.

Savcor ART also specialise in the installation of resin based grouts to machine bases such as crushers, compressors, pumps and associated hold-down bolts. This installation often incorporates specialised pumping equipment and a very high degree of accuracy.

Savcor ART uses its broad in-house expertise and experience to continually provide innovative solutions to seemingly impossible requirements for grout design and installation.

If you need to extend the life of buildings, infrastructure and industrial assets utilising specialist corrosion management systems, speak with Savcor ART on +675 472 4158, or email