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Structural Strengthening

Increased loading requirements, change of use and structural deterioration all contribute to the growing requirement to strengthen structures of all types.

Structures made of concrete, timber, steel and masonry can be efficiently strengthened using modern retrofitting techniques and materials. Savcor ART has extensive experience in the design and application of modern strengthening techniques, which include the use of external post-tensioning and fibre reinforced polymers (FRP) using glass, aramid and carbon fibre.

High performance coatings and linings Technology in surface protection systems changes regularly. Developing an understanding and gaining experience in the installation of high performance coatings and linings is vital in maximizing the life of assets and providing the correct solutions to asset owners.

Savcor ART has installed a variety of high performance coatings and linings that offer value to the asset owner. HDPE linings, Linabond® Co-Lining™ Systems, elastomeric urethane and polyurea spray applied technology, world class acid resistant coatings, fireproofing materials, thermal insulation products and more are all part of the technologies Savcor ART install every day.

If you need to extend the life of buildings, infrastructure and industrial assets utilising specialist corrosion management systems, speak with Savcor ART on +675 472 4158, or email